Child/Teacher Ratio

Academy child/teacher ratio is as follows: This ratio is kept at all times.

6 Weeks – Walking (12-18 months) 1 teacher / 4 infants
12 Months – 30 Months 1 teacher / 5 children
30 months – 42 months 1 teacher / 7 children
36 months - 48 months 1 teacher / 10 children
48 months - 60 months (up to school) 1 teacher / 12 children

If classes are combined, the youngest child must be used in calculating ratios.

Security Buzzer Policy

Aldersgate Church has a Security Buzzer Policy year round.  All persons in the building are expected to follow the policies as established by the Trustees of Aldersgate Church. It is the responsibility of the Aldersgate Academy staff and Aldersgate Church staff to ensure that the locked policies are followed at all times. The doors are locked all weekdays. Parents/Guardians must enter and exit the Academy by the northeast door near the playground. Access to the building is by the door buzzer system or swipe card. Each family will receive (1) one swipe card per child with a maximum of (2) swipe cards per family. If a family desires an additional card, there will be a $5.00 charge per card. If you have forgotten your swipe card, please press the buzzer on the left and when asked, identify yourself and your purpose.  When you hear the “click” enter through the left door.  When a family withdraws from the Academy, the swipe cards must be returned. If a family has lost their swipe card/cards, there is a $5.00 per card replacement fee. Each family must use their own swipe card to enter the building. Please do not allow others to enter with you. Persons not associated with the Academy are not to enter the building through the Academy entrance. This ensures the safety and well-being of the children and staff. Ringing the buzzer instead of using a swipe card should be avoided as this takes away from the duties of the Academy Director. When teachers leave the building with children, they will have a swipe card and/or key to re-enter the building.

View our Safe Sanctuary Policy 

Aldersgate Academy Safe Sanctuary Policy